International Academy

(International Academy)

Our school is a Japanese language school announced by the Japanese Government Ministry of Justice, and a member of the JaLSA National Association of Japanese Language Schools. Approved as an appropriate Japanese language education facility by the Sapporo Immigration Bureau, the application documents have been simplified.

The experienced instructors who have specialized in Japanese language education can develop easy-to-understand classes and acquire practical Japanese language skills efficiently. In addition, counselors for life support are giving personal troubles and guidance on going to school separately for each language. Information sessions on university and vocational colleges are also held on a timely basis.

Classes are efficiently conducted with a small number of students according to the level of each student.
The school building is located in the center of Sapporo and is the largest Odori park in Sapporo, which extends east and west in a minute. There is a big shopping center in the underground town, and 3 subways cross each other. You can go to the school by elevator directly from the underground town. Most students go to school on foot or by bicycle.

School Fees

Entrance fee 1414800 Yen
Tuition fee - Yen
Others fee 756000 Yen

Other Information

Application Email
Number Students 87
Number Teachers 3
Number Tutors 9
Requirment 150 hours or more
Semester 4,7,10,1
People come from China 23, Nepal 15, Taiwan 9
Satisfaction rate 60.42%
Vocational entrance rate 4.60%
University entrance rate -

International Academy


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School: International Academy

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