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Hitotsubashi University is a national university headquartered in Tokyo. It is the oldest social sciences university in Japan, established in 1920, with a commercial law school opened in 1875 by Arimori Mori. The level of research and education, including the humanities, is extremely high, and it produces a large number of talented people who are active both domestically and globally. We have three campuses in Tokyo, and each of these three places "National Campus" in National City, "Odaira International Campus" in Kodaira City, and "Chiyoda Campus" in Chiyoda Ward. In addition, the current name of the university is determined by the student's ballot, and even now, there is a culture of emphasizing the freedom of the student, such as a reference vote by the student being held in the election of the president.

School Fees

Entrance fee 282000 Yen
Tuition fee 535800 Yen
Others fee - Yen

Other Information

Application Email http://www.hit-u.ac.jp/function/inquiry.html
Number Students 6382
Number Teachers 358
Number Tutors -
Requirment 12 years course completion or more, or of completion expected persons
Semester 4,10
People come from China 174, South Korea 84, Taiwan 37, Thailand 27, Vietnam 21
Satisfaction rate -
Difficulty 1~5(high) 5
Department Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Department of Sociology
Masters Graduate School of Management, Innovation Research Center, Graduate School of Economics, Graduate School of Law, global low research, Social Studies, Graduate School of Language Social Studies, Graduate School of International and Public Policy Graduate School

Hitotsubashi University



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School: Hitotsubashi University

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