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Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies is a national university headquartered in Fuchu, Tokyo. Common name is "foreign language large" "outside large." Formerly the Tokyo Foreign Language School, it was renamed the Tokyo Foreign Language College in 1944, and the new Tokyo Foreign Language University was established in 1949. We can learn about 50 languages, and conduct education and research on cultures and societies in various regions of the world. Undergraduate schools started in 2012 with a two-faculty system (Faculty of Language and Culture and International Sociology Faculty), and have become an educational system consisting of 27 regions and 14 regions. The campus has one "Fuchu Campus" and "Hongo Satellite". Both faculties have a World Liberal Arts Program, where you can learn the chosen language and the basic culture of the region. Another feature is that you can communicate with foreign students from around the world in English through classes and circles.

School Fees

Entrance fee 282000 Yen
Tuition fee 535800 Yen
Others fee - Yen

Other Information

Application Email
Number Students 4387
Number Teachers 213
Number Tutors -
Requirment 12 years course completion or more, or of completion expected persons
Semester 4,10
People come from China 254, South Korea 100, Russia 29, Brazil 29, Thailand 18
Satisfaction rate -
Difficulty 1~5(high) 5
Department Languages ​​and Cultures Department, the International Department of Sociology, Global Japanese Studies
Masters Graduate School of International Studies Institute

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


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School: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

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