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Tokyo University of Agriculture

(Tokyo University of Agriculture)

Tokyo University of Agriculture is an agricultural university based in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. Known as "Tokyo University of Agriculture". It was established in 1981 in Chiyoda Ward as a privately-developed Ikuei school agriculture department based on "Tokugawa Ikueikai". It moved to Sakuragaoka in 1946 and became the present form. It is a university established for the first time in Japan to study agriculture. There are three campuses. At Setagaya Campus, we have studied "Faculty of Applied Biology", "Faculty of Regional Environment", "Faculty of International Food Informatics" and belong to a junior college department. The Atsugi Campus is the Faculty of Agriculture, and the Okhotsk Campus of Hokkaido is the Learning Center for the Faculty of Biological Industry. You can learn on the campus full of nature while being in the city center. A campus with state-of-the-art research facilities that caters to all learning needs.

School Fees

Entrance fee 270,000 Yen
Tuition fee 760000 Yen
Others fee - Yen

Other Information

Application Email
Number Students 12,145
Number Teachers 1,004
Number Tutors 622
Requirment 12 years course completion or more, or of completion expected persons
Semester 4,10
People come from -
Satisfaction rate -
Difficulty 1~5(high) 3
Department Faculty of Agriculture, Applied Biology Sciences, Regional Environmental Sciences, the International Food Information Studies, biological industry undergraduate, Life Sciences
Masters Agriculture Department, Animal Husbandry Department, bio Therapy Department, Master's Program, doctoral, Bio Science, Doctoral Program, Agricultural Chemistry, doctoral, brewing Department, Doctoral Program, Food and Nutrition Department, Food safety and Health Department, forestry Department, agricultural Engineering, landscaping Department, International agricultural development Department, agricultural economics Department, International Bio Business Department, environmental symbiosis Department

Tokyo University of Agriculture


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School: Tokyo University of Agriculture

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