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Tokyo Gakugei University

(Tokyo Gakugei University)

Tokyo Gakugei University is a national university headquartered in Koganei city, Tokyo. Common name is "Gakugeidai". It is a university for training educators made by integrating four normal schools in Tokyo in 1949. It is a single university specializing only in the education department in the country. However, the scope of the field is wide, and it is possible to study various fields such as general education science, humanities and social sciences, arts and sports. The campus is only located in Koganei City. Student dormitories and international student lodgings are also available. We cultivate human resources who are active in various fields as well as young, small, middle and high teachers. In addition, the importance of early international education in the educational setting is being called out nowadays, the emphasis is also placed on developing human resources with a global perspective while in university.

School Fees

Entrance fee 282,000 Yen
Tuition fee 535800 Yen
Others fee - Yen

Other Information

Application Email
Number Students 4,957
Number Teachers 321
Number Tutors -
Requirment 12 years course completion or more, or of completion expected persons
Semester 4,10
People come from China 120, South Korea 29, Sweden 10, United States 10, Vietnam 9, Germany 9
Satisfaction rate -
Difficulty 1~5(high) 4
Department Faculty of Education
Masters Graduate School of Education

Tokyo Gakugei University


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School: Tokyo Gakugei University

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